The Cravat

I picked up my knitting again and got back in the game today. It's the leaf cravat from Interweave Knits and I can't take my attention away for a second or I'll mess up. I love knitting but I'm not that savvy where I can just go and go while doing other things unless it's stockinette. Plus, I'm not the best at correcting errors so I work carefully and cautiously. This scarf is a lacy pattern and it's turning out to look really cute. Since I put it down for such a long time, I had to look up what a ssk was again.

Hopefully this will get more fluid with time. I want to be one of those knitters that can solely work on a project by themself. Pick out the yarn, the gauge, the yardage, the pattern, customize it and be the envy of all.

But for now I'm sticking with my leaf cravat.