illustration friday - quiet
Have you ever just had enough with kids getting louder and louder? They don't like being told to be quiet at all. Some more than others. So this was my idea for "quiet" for I-Fri. I think I got to this idea because my neighbors and I have never gotten along and they moved out this weekend! Yay for peace and quiet!! **** I worked on my business card this weekend and it's ready for print. I want to go by Kinko's or someone who has a pantone swatch so I can see the true colors before I order cards from Overnight Prints.

Yesterday my guy and I went up to Red Rocks and it was gorgeous. I completely forgot about the sold out Fray concert! Someone was selling tickets for $45 each but we passed. We did try out this restaurant called Gumbo's downtown and it was delicious. A little pricey but it was a nice treat. I ordered the sweet potato catfish with sweet corn mashed potatoes. So good!

I took some pics of course but I'll upload them later. I hope you had a great weekend too.

**** Oh and before I forget again, I need to mention my talented nephew Antoine. He's getting great at his videos and he uploads them to YouTube. He uses a little point and shoot camera to make his films. I'm more impressed everyday so if you have a moment, check them out and drop him a line. My fave is Part II of Origins of Silent Bat.