Grown Up

Sometimes I feel like such a grown up and then I go and watch the Video Music Awards on Mtv. I think it was the best awards show I've seen in a long time. Maybe it was because the range of music I like has grown and the artists I used to despise have grown up and changed. I could not stand NSync except for about three songs, but I love Justin Timberlake now. I could not stand Destiny's Child as well, but I can hang with Beyonce by herself from time to time. The tribute to Hype Williams brought me back. Missy and Timbaland performing "I Can't Stand the Rain" and Busta with boom boom boom bass from his tribute to "Coming to America" dancers. The best performance was Beyonce by far and I'm starting to like that song too. Just seeing the video, the song got on my last nerve. Funny how that happens. Also, it turns out I might be OK Go's no. 1 fan, or I'm working my way toward that.

Oh and then there was the guy who just mosied up on stage and took the mic. He got dealt with immediately by a security guard and Jack Black had just enough funny commentary. I'm not too grown to watch the awards on Mtv, no way, no how.

**** It's September 1! No more summer already? I've been bit with the knitting bug badly and I went to a yarn store yesterday to check out the new Rebecca. I think I'm going to order this old Rebecca though, tons of cute patterns in it from what I can see. Must make Matey too...anyone have Rowan 34?