Memorial Day Weekend

photo friday (black and white) - picture of my friend's daughter, alexis chanel.  she was grumpy but still so very cute.
I found a new knitting shop. New to me at least. It turns out it's been around for almost a year. It's called Knitty Cat and though the place is teeny, they have a lot of yarn to choose from. I'm not sure if I like the we-don't-help-you-unless-you-bought-your-supplies-from-us rule. Not very customer friendly at all. Ah well. Some lady was eyeballing me the ENTIRE time until I finally said, "Do you work here?". And she replied, "No, I don't." Which left me thinking, STOP staring at me then. She didn't work there, thank God.

I started working on a bag though, already messed up but it's part of learning right? I have no experts around me so everyone just thinks it's just perfect. This is the bag I'm working on and it's chocolate!

The weekend is finally here. A three day weekend at that. I hope you have a blessed, safe, and fun one. :)