I'm in Compusa typing on a brand new and shiny MacBook Pro. God I miss my computer!! So much to share. Let's see, there's the last art walk of the summer that was so cool, I entered my work into a local artist's show there, umm....just bought new linen and a bed set (about time!), and today I took off from work. I have found the best ice cream in the world, Ben and Jerry's Half Baked....mmmmmmm delish! Been getting back into pilates on OnDemand. Cheaper and just as good as the$7 a session gym. Plus, I think the loss of my computer is making me want to knit again. Funny how that happens.

I had to have at least one day off from work on my birthday week. I need to get off of this mac before I do more damage to myself.

Bye bye lovelies!!