Dr. Jekyll

Here's another opposite for you.

Holy crap you guys make a girl feel loved. A huge thank you to everyone who just peeked or left some wonderful comments. I love having this little space on the web and being connected to so many people that after all of their opposite lives going on in opposite parts of the world, they come together for the same thing. Art. It is pretty great. The "Opposites" piece is all Illustrator.

Anyway, I picked up my camera and messed around. I think the heat is stopping my snapping because the camera can't just sit in the car and melt. I have to be extra protective of it and a break is still nice.


If you've been reading for awhile, you know I've been trying to be healthy and I found these Nectar Clif bars. Not only do they not taste like cardboard, the design on the packaging was what got me. Simple and bold, so nice.

Highly recommend Cinnamon Pecan.

O yea, my birthday is in exactly two weeks. Not sure how I feel about that one...

**** The opposites that I found were: flying - can't fly talking - kinda mute ;) orange - green big - small feathers - no feathers two legs - one leg

and I think that's it.