Superman and Superbaby

munny exhibit Trying something new. Hope it works. I know I'm the last person on the planet to direct link to flickr from my blog, but sometimes I'm slow and apprehensive. Bleh.

Hmm, what's new... Saw Superman and was (am) so giddy still! I think it was the greatest, but that's just me. The movie paid a lot of homage to the old Superman so I think that's what I liked the most. Superman is my favorite superhero and I love that he fell in love with Lois. A woman who is flawed, smokes, a brunette, etc. All of the other superheros tend to fall for the blondes that scream a lot. So anyway, I loved it and originally I was going to see Pirates but that's getting a lot of bad reviews. Maybe next time. If you saw it, tell me what you thought but please no SPOILERS. Thanks :)

It has been crazy hot, 100 degree temperatures days in a row. On Sunday there was a lot of hanging out by the pool and I got bit by a mosquito on my neck. Very attractive and itchy. My friend's baby, Danielle, is five-months-old and she hung out in the water for the first time. I have pics of that that I'll upload later. She is such a gorgeous baby and a total mini-me of her father. Too much cuteness could be dangerous ;)

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