Happy 4th of July!

I hope you are having a 4th of July full of rest and relaxation. I just got off work (gotta make that extra money) and I'm about to get my fill of bbq.

The art festival was filled with all kinds of different things to see. I can usually handle crowds but with the heat and the elbows, I was ready to go after two hours. The food was so great from crab cake sandwiches, berrie kabobs, philly cheesesteaks, beer, cheesecake ice cream, snow cones, and I'm sure there is more. That's what festivals are for! ;) I'll upload the pictures to flickr soon, but not before the fireworks. I wish I was someplace where I could light fireworks. They are illegal in Colorado, much too dry for that.

There were presentations and dancing on display. At one point there was an illustrator named David Diaz who talked about what he does and shared his art. I love his style and I followed his example of creating his work along with the other kids.

I'm glad I went, there was so much to see.