Cycling Baby

Cycling wasn't as hard as I thought it would be at all. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy either. I am so out of shape. This woman who had to be in her 60s was kicking my butt! The trainer said accelerate for 30 seconds and she was pumping her legs three times as fast as mine were. The trainer said we were going up a big hill and to stay with him and she never faltered. (It was a stationary cycling class and these are imaginary hills, still fun though). I was trying to focus on my performance and keep in mind it was my first class, but come on. How can you not notice that?

So after cycling I did an hour of yoga. I think I'm more of a pilates fan than a yoga fan. Just seems like you are working your body out more to pilates and more stretching and getting centered in yoga.

I haven't been taking any photos at the gym but I have been taking my camera everywhere else. Photography is a huge subject and I'm learning more everyday. I have so many muses on flickr, it's not even funny. The styles, talent, and just cool people is so inviting. Other than blogging, it's the only other online community I've been a part of and it's nice.

More pics on flickr.