Sneaky photograph in the bathroom at work

I was knee deep in clothes this weekend. Goodwill shoppers will want to give me a big hug for the clothes dump I'm about to do. I had time to actually put into action some of the organizing tips I read about awhile ago. My closet was turning into more of a miscellaneous storage spot instead of something just for clothes. I tried on all of my clothes and man some stuff was old! Glad to be getting rid of stuff and actually knowing what I have. It will be easier to shop now, definitely.

I almost pulled my hair out trying to figure out my new lens. When I am interested in something, I research so much that I overwhelm myself and I'm doing it again. I love this photography forum called and then I love flickr too. I'm noticing a gap in the creativity that is lacking and abundance of technical knowledge in the photography forum vs. the exact opposite found in flickr. Yes, they are different entirely because flickr isn't necessarily a forum where people share their techniques and such. Maybe there is some nook of flickr I haven't found yet.

I'll knock back two advil and keep searching flickr for information.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I want to wish everyone a wonderful and happy one.