I Heart Shopping.

I don't think I've ever blogged about how much I love to shop.

Shopping for baby clothes, decorating our house, buying myself clothes or beauty products.  It is my zen.  Best of all is going to the art supply store.  Of course there aren't any that are close to my house so it's always a trek with a well thought-out list.

I took a hand lettering class on Skillshare and one of the materials was a Palomino Blackwing pencil. I got the assorted variety so I could try them all out.  No stores here sell them so since I was going Amazon crazy with ordering things for baby girl's 2nd birthday this month (I'm in so much denial with how fast time is flying), I threw in some art items I have been coveting.  I've been sketching but I haven't used my pencils yet.  I'll update here when I do.  I also ordered a book that I have checked out of the library probably 5 times at least, no lie.  Water Paper Paint is the best book for someone who is interested in experimenting with watercolor.  Not only are the exercises good but the author has style so the finished products look wonderful as well.

You can follow me on Pinterest where I have a pretty popular watercolor board but I pin style faves, house interiors, etc. If I could purchase everything I absolutely would, it's my virtual wishlist of sorts.