This ancient artifact was found last June in the Woon Woon jungle located in the Laponis mountains. Legend has it that it was used by the *Laponis Pu tribe for generations to calm down babies. Three shakes of the old statue and kids would be all grins, after they got what they needed of course.

My mind went all over the place with this one. Do I draw animals? No. An actual jungle? No. Ugh, this one was hard. Hope you dig it.

I've been busy spending time with friends and family. Yesterday I only worked a half day at work so I could go pick up my diploma. It is beautiful!! Now it's official that I'm a graduate!

So glad the weekend is here again, as usual. It has been so hot that it's hard to find something to wear to work that is work appropriate. Everyday I feel like I could be suprised by Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear.

I have had my eye on the 50 mm f1.4 and a flash for a long time. I think I just might order them and print professional business cards. I haven't sat down with bride and groom from the wedding shoot yet. They just got in town yesterday so after we chat, I'll post more pics.

So much to do.

*The Laponis Pu are a distant cousin of the Waponis Wu. (If that sounds familiar, the Waponis are from Joe vs. the Volcano. Werd.)

**** You guys are so sweet. I'm glad I shared with you and connections were made. I am trying to focus more on compositions and "whole" pieces. We'll see what comes of it.