Mi Familia

I miss my family lots. The pics above are of my nephew, Aaron and niece, Zaria in one and my SIL Aasiya, brother Jr., and the kids in the other. I might go out to Cali and see them this summer, if I can save some money.

Guess who got her camera back today!! With the new lens cap all scratched up! Me, me, that's who. So Best Buy found me a new Canon lens cap and I have that now. Checked everything on the camera that I could and everything looks A okay. Now I'm shooting everything and getting used to aperture priority. First wedding shoot is on Saturday and I am excited! So much to do, I need to at least come up with a rough draft of a business card to give on Saturday if not a final design. I actually said, "...I need my camera because I am a freelance photographer..." to the guy at Best Buy. In my head I paused but then I thought about how you have to start somewhere. You label yourself and don't be scared about it either. Easier said than done sometimes.

A couple more pics are on flickr.

**** I'm glad you guys weren't too scared by the monster cupcake. Thanks for the feedback, makes me smile. You get to meet so many new people through I-Fri, loving it. And cpr, what's up!?!? It's cool to see you again, keep coming.