School's Out

and over.

and done.

no going back to school for my masters or any of that business.

IT'S OVER and I am a graduate. 2006 baby ;)

Yesterday was a surreal jumble of happiness and letting go. The day consisted of a mother's day/graduation/mother's day sandwich and I gobbled it up. (Happy Mother's Day again mom, it was so great to share the day with you!) First there was a delicious breakfast. So I got full on congratulations wishes, smiles and food. My graduation was four hours long at the convention center downtown. I quickly put on my cap and gown, honor cords and tassel in a parking lot while paying the meter. The silent smiles from other families that recognize your outfit and what the cords and such represent were wonderful. Everyone was just so proud and beaming, it was pretty cool. There were two speakers that announced our names with a big "magna cum laude" afterward if the student had received that honor. One speaker was excellent, clearly a linguist and didn't mispronounce one name or forget one honors mention. The other speaker was the exact opposite and he fumbled the easiest of names while mentioning honors when he felt like it.

Guess who I got? Ugh. He didn't ruin my moment though and I don't feel like it has ended yet. I'm still a little high from all of it.

The best part is a freeing feeling of doing anything I want. Any project, photography or otherwise, now has time to be born. No more homework, syllabi to stress over, papers, etc, etc, etc.

I am a college graduate and it feels damn good. I did it.