Saw 21 Grams last night and that movie is great. Dark, dramatic, and the intertwining of the stories was excellent. I wish I had seen it in a theatre. So good. I was trying to make last night a Sean Penn night but Mystic River doesn't come out until June 8th so I rented Seabiscuit in its' place. I have two more hours of work and then I get to start my weekend. I'm leaving early so my friend and I can check out garage sales and hopefully find some cool stuff. If there are any great finds, I'll post them. Plus, it's beautiful outside and that's always a good thing. Another reason to take pictures...

New stuff: keaner - released a new comic, it looks amazing penelope's back from her honeymoon taking these kind of pictures with a Canon 300D is making me drool....seriously. Final grades were announced today and I got straight As. ::cheesin:: It's a beautiful day!!!

Have a scrumpdiddilyumptious weekend!...or something.