Ho Hum

I don't have much to share. I should be doing this and that but I'm just sitting here, surfing and looking at blogs. Pics on flickr are making me insanely jealous and I just want my camera back already. I keep picturing a technician working on my camera, just getting to the root of the problem and I call to throw him off. Anything to get a replacement. Last time I called and bugged them they said it had been shipped to the vendor (Canon again?). I don't want them to fix it! Then I thought, I'll draw. But am I drawing? Nah, just sitting and surfing.

This week there was a Spring Wing Fling for the seniors. A tent with all of these pamphlets about health insurance, free wings, a drawing to enter, and other not so cool stuff. So since it was a great excuse to only work a half day I took off and went to campus. Turns out they were giving away 4-5 wings each with a valid student id. WOOPEE! Later I found out I won something in the drawing and I'll pick it up on Monday.

I wonder what it is.