I woke up this morning to check my cell and it has "one voicemail" written across the screen. I check it and it's my friend, Dj, with the best news ever. Dj and Crystal are engaged! He said that they still need a photographer and I just went on with what I was doing and responded with, "Oh really?" He was like, "HINT HINT!" So it looks like I am going to be photographing my first wedding in Vegas this July. We shall see! Dj is the friend in D.C. that I went to visit in August. He is my first close friend from high school to get married. Plus, Crystal is not going for the traditional wedding announcement/invite so we'll work on that together.

I can hardly believe it.


Afterward I met up with Saebom at the Fashion Denver event, Sprout. The set ups are so sophisticated, Fashion Denver is really stepping it up. Brandi is making things happen.

What an amazing weekend!