Silver Springs

I found a bookcase! I went to Pier 1 and just thought I'd look around and see what they had. They had a five shelf foldable bookcase and I got it. It was the last one and the floor model but there were no problems with so it came home with me. Thank God my neighbor was outside as I was pulling up! He helped me get it inside and everything. It's really cute too and open so it looks like it takes up less space in my study. I'm into home design and decorating shows and I've noticed a trend about organization. I keep hearing, "get things that can be functional in presentation and storage". But every time I look for something that is a stool that has storage inside, it is crazy expensive. Like $80 minimum for one chair. Now that I have this bookcase it solved my storage issue and it's stylish. Lately another thing I've been into is earrings and rings. I'm on a search for some dangly chandelier earrings. I've gone into stores like Helzberg and the Shane Company but they automatically assume I'm looking for a wedding band and the bands they do have are $130 minimum. I was searching the carrotbox and I found some awesome sites for silver accessories. I was starting to think I was only going to have kiosks sprinkled in malls as my only outlet for silver jewlery.

You should check these out: something silver - silver oasis tree of life - wooden rings pio - i already knew about these rings from erica's site but they're still wonderful all modern - modern rings and vintage finds

SHREK COMES OUT TODAY! I'm just a little excited.

P.S. As for this site, before I stopped at Pier 1 I had a look around in a bookstore and almost picked up this book on CSS. Then I got chicken, figured there was enough information online about it and put it back. But now I'm starting to think that was a bad decision. So far my skills are okay, the site isn't completely bogus but if you look at the code, you will soon know that I don't have a clue and I am completely winging it.

Are any of you knowledgeable about CSS (Trisha ;)? Any recommendations? Let me know.

edit - 6:21am 5/20/04 - Here's a site with only the best links for web designers. I'll have to check this out later!