Friday in March

Can you believe it's March already? I feel like I just got done dancing salsa to bring in the new year. It's crazy I tell you! Time is flying. So glad it's Friday!! I mentioned earlier that I joined the Self Challenge from Self magazine. It's pretty cool so far and I've been eating all of the stuff that's good for me. Whole wheat english muffins (when i normally hate the plain ones), strawberries, apples, bananas, Smart Start cereal, Lean Cuisine pizzas and salad. Trying to drink a ton of water too but it's hard. I was bad last night because I went to Benny's and had chicken enchiladas, beans, rice, tons of chips and salsa. I was in the negative but only by 43 calories. It's all good.

Tomorrow there is a Self event at Bally's and if you go, you get a three month membership free. I know there's a catch in there somewhere but I'm trying to round my homegirls up and go over there to win stuff. If nothing else, it would be fun. Maybe I'll bring my camera?

My friend Marlena came in today and announced she's a mom again. She thought her hamsters were two boys, Bandito and Gracias, she was mistaken. When she went to clean out the cage with her niece last night, five babies fell into her niece's hands. Then another baby fell of of the wheel my friend was holding. So now she has hamster babies AND when she went online to find out more she got bad news. Turns out that hamsters mate again in the 24 hours after the mom has given birth. So, she's probably preggers again. I thought about having one of my own but I don't think I'm ready. Barely home, kinda stinky, yadda yadda. Still thinking.

As for Sante Fe, the trip is going to be great. I already have my carpool arranged and I think I have one writer to pair up with. New Mexico is absolutely beautiful and I want to be there right now.

Oh yes, and the Save the Date card finally went to print yesterday after 100 plus revisions. Now onto the next project.

**** Goodies! I haven't shared links in FOREVER!! You need to get on me more about that. ;) So here ya go!!

An EXCELLENT tutorial on comic making from start to finish - Kazu is so nice and thoughtful

Baby Bug Mugs now exist thanks to Secret Agent Josephine!

I already wanted to go to Canada, but now I want to even more after seeing these Winnie the Pooh toys. Apparently you can only get them from there. *sigh* - via ljcfyi

Have a wonderful weekend!