Organization - Office and Entry Closet

I have already shared here that organization does not come naturally to me.  I was working on it while Raul and I dated, then he moved from his condo into my condo and we had all of this stuff to merge with no storage besides closets.  Then we moved into our first home together about three years ago and making improvements to the home itself did not run parallel with organizing.  We wanted to make our home into a home bit by bit.  Trying to find things we really loved instead of just filling it up.  And there is the part about us being tired from all of the improvements too.  Oh and add to that a baby and everyone said to "let that stuff go and just be with your baby girl".  And we did.  Now Addy is 16 months old and we can focus more on making our home into our dream home.

So fast forward to present day and you will find me pinning awesomely designed rooms and following organizational blogs.  It's helping and I'm excited about the results.

Operation Office - So I don't know if you know but there is this place called SkillShare.  It is an awesome place where professionals share their skills by offering small classes from $19 to $30 on whatever skill is their expertise.  There are classes about digital illustration, photography with iPhones, painting and more.  One of the classes I signed up for was "Interior Styling: Style Your Place Like a Pro".  Now I am obsessed with Justina Blakeney and couldn't stop looking at her beautiful site full of beautiful designs this weekend.  This class was not easy and there were some projects I could not do.  In this stage of life styling a coffee table isn't going to happen plus I think it is too stuffy with what we have going on all around the coffee table area.  Right now this piece of furniture is pushed across the room anyway.

I swear I did not do the Take-A-Crappy-Before-Picture-To-Make-The-After-Picture-Look-Better thing.  I took the pic early in the weekend, we had not installed our new blinds yet, I was just determined to get this project done already.  Also, the piles of books in the before pic is also a result of a little curious toddler who doesn't give up.  So just like a flood, keep moving things up higher and higher and this is what you get.  To get from A to B took a lot of staring, grumbling but even though my books aren't together by subject like before, they are easier to find this way.

Now I can see my desk and might actually get some painting done.

I also re-did my arrangement above my other set of drawers.

Operation Entry Closet - We have been battling a growing pile of stuff (shoes, diaper change stuff, the vacuum, etc ) that was piling up at the bottom of our entry closet.  I found a solution at the Container Store (I am a convert and love this place now).  The Platinum elfa Mesh Start-A-Stack works like a dream.  The top drawer holds everything for Addy (her diapers, diaper cream, shoes, etc).  The other drawers are for my shoes/flip flops and Raul's shoes/flip flops.  Just enough room on the side for the vacuum to still live in there too.

Two areas done!  Hoo-rah!