Flickr is all updated with pics. I need to sign up for a pro account.

Vegas was frickin' awesome. I remember the last time I was there I was underage and there was porn being pushed in your hand when you walked anywhere. This time was completely different and I just had fun. Running from casino to casino, laughing, people watching, all of that. Nice little getaway. The dolphins were the highlight, no doubt.

I did have a mix of emotions though because I was missing my family flying back to Cali because I would be in Vegas. So I said my goodbyes and that was that. I hope to see them over the holidays, only time will tell.

Today my friend read her poem to me and it was amazing. It flowed and it was deep. The poem was called Cryotherapy and it talked about broken hearts. It's cool having creative people around.

Must work on this site more. Must work on this site more.

That is my mantra for a little while.