Last Test

Just finished the last test I had to take. It's over! No more formal classes, no more tests, no more papers, ahhh. Now the waiting for grades begins. The exhibit last night was fantastic! Everyone I really wanted to be at the show came and showed their support. I was surrounded by people that cared about me and appreciated all of the hardwork in the photographs and film. More pics have been uploaded to flickr. I didn't think there would be time after the exhibit to go to my work Christmas party but I did.

It was held at the Museum of Art and Science. It was fun to mingle, eat cheesecake, and gush about the exhibit. We each got to choose what IMAX show we wanted to see and I chose the dolphins. It was great and the imagery was remarkable.

I woke up to snow all over the place. Little perfect snowflakes. Now that the test is over I am vegging out, checking blogs, watching too much tv, laying around in sweats.

I deserve it, it's time for some downtime.


finally had time to update with pictures from taos. check out flickr! they are all there!!