Can't Sit Still

I’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it. NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO. Yes. I am singing a Pointer Sister's song. But it’s true, I am excited!! Let’s start with the bad first. I went to class, turned in my layout and design final, filled out my graduation card (yes!), and got in the car to head out to Lakewood to sign my mats. Well, I desperately needed gas so I go to pump, set the pump so it pumps itself and sit in the car with the door open. Now I know this is very bad and I won’t do it again, not after this lesson. So, I’m pumping and watching the amount and then it goes past what the normal amount is and I’m thinking, “that’s weird”. Then I hear liquid gushing all over the place, I look, and gas is everywhere! I hurried up and grabbed the pump and laid it on the ground. I told the workers at the gas station what had happened and tried to wash the gas off of my hand. This is the hand that is already burnt and cracked from the wind. A gas bath was not what it needed at all.

So after that I was shaken up and just drove to Lakewood to sign the prints. I get there and sign one with the wrong title. Had to erase it and then I decided to redo my signature as well. It was a mess and I was just too nervous and excited. But the prints look beautiful! Everyone’s work looks amazing. Professional and beautiful artwork. I can’t believe how proud I am to be a part of it. It’s great.

After that I stopped by the store to get more ground beef for meatballs in my spaghetti. I got home, cooked, chilled out a little bit, and realized I hate my kitchen. I am so disorganized and it was getting on my nerves. So now everything is in its place and since I was disorganized, I bought multiples of things. I won’t run out of Pam, bread crumbs, or salt and pepper for a very long time.


hey sean! it's great to see a new face so to speak. your site is too nice. soothing was the first thing that came to mind.