Just got out of digital video art class where we had our last critique. Abstract pieces are a little difficult since I just finished working on pieces with clear meanings. This one was just communicating something through abstract work. I like it.

The other pieces were awesome. I was sitting there thinking, "Did everyone take some advanced class that I didn't know about?" There were reflections and filters. Some definitely know how to use the program to the fullest.

So now I can look forward to a couple more assignments and tests while fitting in Narnia (must see and I've read the book), Kong (looks like it won't be disappointing...suprisingly), and Memoirs of a Geisha (must finish reading the book by opening day). I did see Rent and I hated it. Bleh.

One more day of work and it's the weekend. I can't wait. Don't hurt your elbows too much when you pound through the Christmas shopping crowd. ;)