The Big O-N-E

The planning for Addison's first birthday has started and I'm trying to determine what kind of planner I want to be.  How much DIY projects and what will her bday traditions be?  I was researching online and there were so many planning lists.  One of the items on a list was "don't compete with other moms" and that was comforting to read.  I am a busy person and so is Raul so I am constantly checking in with myself about whether what I want to do is for A's special day or am I trying to compete with another mom out there. There will be some DIY projects and I'm excited to see them finished.  Everything can't be created from scratch though and I'm okay with that.

Did you learn a lot from your baby's first birthday? Anything you would do differently? I'm all ears.

P.S. Where did the time go?  I can't believe she will have been here for a year in just a few more weeks.