Hello Again.

I am losing cool points left and right with this blogging gig.  I just can't get into a routine.  I think I was deluded thinking I had one and now it is painfully obvious I don't. Let's see what I can share.

  • I'm working on digital project, not sure how much I can share so I can only give you that little bit for now.
  • I completed a watercolor painting yesterday and I'll upload it this week.
  • Got to fiddling with my site and I think the little changes make a difference.
  • We have snow again and it is so cold.  I can't wait for sundresses and walking around outside this spring/summer.
  • I have something special to send to a friend, hope she doesn't think I forgot her.

I think that is all for now, what is new with you?  I cannot believe it is March already.

Absolutely cray cray.