Three Months and Some Change

babycakes Okay, I can't take staring at the Sale Bunny any longer.  Time to type up some thoughts.

So much has happened in just three little months.  I have been buried under dirty dye dyes (diapers), buying Shout Spray and Wash in bulk and soaking up my babycake's laughter.  Plenty of adjustments are being made, trying to work my time management skills to the bone.  This summer was the best summer though.  Even with the first month of our baby's life when I didn't know what side was up.

Some things to know if you plan on having kiddos:

  • The first two weeks of baby eating every hour will not last forever
  • You will get to sleep more than two hours in a row
  • Take plenty of pics through the beginning phase so that when you can breathe a little better, you can reference those times and smile

The watercolor class I was taking ended late August and all of the content will be up until September 20.  Currently I'm coming up with a plan so I can work on the exercises again until the content expires.  I already  feel looser with my watercolor mixing and technique.

zombie ant

My nephew came out for Labor Day weekend so he met the baby and we went to see some sights.  Checked out the Botanical Gardens in Denver and the Cheyenne Zoo in Colorado Springs while he was here.  He just flew back yesterday and I already can't wait for him to come out again.


Before I forget, one of the things on my bucket list is to hold a wallaby and to my suprise this zoo had wallabies galore!  I didn't get to hold one but I did get to pet one, so flippin' cute!!