I love them more and more each week because it means I get to slow down. Somewhat. Kazu is on a roll. His submission for Nucleus is so good! After seeing Kazu's phenomenal cover for Flight 3, a friend told me about an artist I had never heard of before. Jacek Yerka is amazing and I can't stop looking at his work. Some are creepy to me just because it's strange to see someone think so far outside of the box.

Engaging and mind blowing work.

I have my first online exam this week and the deadline to take it is Sunday night. Since it's completely online that kind of means it is open book so it shouldn't be that difficult. I think the only way for me to succeed this semester and still maintain a life outside of school is to dedicate a LOT of time to studies and working ahead for the next two weeks so I can coast a bit. Get the huge research paper, three short papers, and most of my design projects out of the way and everything should be fine. Must focus!

I wish I had a fully loaded G5 at home so I could edit with Final Cut Pro. That would help a lot right now.

Goodbye September, hello October. Time if flying by.

P.S. - Oh yeah. I got some AWESOME, FABULOUS, TERRIFIC, and WONDERFUL news to share but I can't do that until next week. So that was a teaser, hehe.