Party Girl.

My baby shower was this past Saturday and it was sooooo nice.  Surrounded by love and I just loved it.  There was laughter, joy, teeny bit of tearing up and much movement from little miss.  She wanted to be a part of the action too.  Our moms are ecstatic and having a blast with all of the prep and anticipation.  My friend Lindsay planned the shower for me and she did such a fantastic job.

R and I have been working on our huge to-do list which involves designing the nursery bit by bit.  It's a puzzle and we have been making purchases, shaking our head when things don't work out, and returning those purchases.  A lot.  We want things to last as long as possible so we are picking things that will grow with the baby or will have another purpose somewhere else in our house later on.  We'll figure it out but the nursery is looking cuter day by day.

I haven't been doing a bunch of painting with all of the planning and prep, so I thought I would post an in-progress shot.  I am keeping up with sketching though, can't be completely art-less.  The lovely sunny weather we have been having all week is distracting in a very, very good way.