Absentee Writer

I am at 25 weeks now and getting more and more tired by the second.  Haven't been saying a peep here but I should be posting a new print tomorrow.  We registered at Babies R Us and Target so those are two things checked off of our list.  This past weekend was fun but so busy and I feel like I'm still making up for it energy-wise.  I attended a friend's bridal event at a mansion so there were lots of tastings and ooohing over all of the pretty things.  Flowers, cake displays, rentable photo booths, etc.  Add on spending time with family and we pretty much filled up the whole weekend. No weekend pajama time.  I basically live for weekend pajama time now.  This time I am getting some of that back, need to just sit for a bit.  Baby girl is moving lots more and I think she is the cutest thing already.  I'm eager to meet her and so is her daddy.  Hope you are doing well!