Sleepy Time

I wish I was like this guy right now. This picture was taken when I was waiting to fly to DC out of Denver. I am so tired and my back aches.

Right now I'm sitting in a vacant class room with my laptop bag with extremely heavy metal external drive, camcorder, purse, and book bag at my feet. Just walking to the light rail and to this class room was insane. I thought I would just rest because I was about to fall over but now I can't get up again.

I bought a book I need to return to the book store and I don't think that's going to happen. Lugging way too much stuff! I'm sneaky with textbooks because I buy them at school, use them for some assignments while I wait for my cheap text books I buy online to arrive. Then return the book store books. But with all of this stuff, I think my plan is about to be ruined.

While I sit here trying to regain my strength, I have to say this day has been so nice. I'm helping on a special project at work where I get to use my graphic design skills and it makes me smile. I'm getting a glimpse of what my life could be very soon and I just want to transport to that place right this second. After work I had to go for my yearly woman's exam and "well woman" was circled on my pink receipt so it's all good.

Ow, my back.