Caught In a Current

Pins and Needles - Smithsonian Sculpture Museum - DC*

So much is going on in my small little part of the world and it seems like nothing compared to the people who are trying to rebuild their lives after the devastation of Katrina. Many people are pouring love out of their hearts in the form of water and relief. It's hard to watch the sadness but it's beautiful to see the outreach.

It's September already?! Things are looking up in terms of my job. We aren't thrown into a crazy queue like we were before. Now there are the occassional verbal abusers but overall it has gotten better. Keeping up with class is challenging and definitely is keeping me on my toes. Constantly on the run, I've already used up 407 minutes on my cell phone (600 limit a month), and my new minutes start on the 14th. When will T Mobile get roll over minutes? I would have so much more if they did.


My mom was in need of a graphic for her business and this is the rough draft so far. I need to tweak it when I find a moment. Balancing school and an actual life is a skill. I'm working on it.

*this was an open book completely made up of shiny silver nails.

**** made me smile today: text messages found out my friend at the yarn store moved real close to me. so now we can hook up and she can help me seam. aww yea :) had buttered popcorn, grapefruit, peach, toasted marshmallow, and cream soda jelly bellies. delish!