Lately I've just been running around and giving a huge portion of my money to my college. Fun fun. This semester I'm ending up taking 18 credits and working full time.

If you merge my syllabi, you will see I will accomplish all of the following this semester: shoot on location in Taos, New Mexico, shoot three video art pieces, write five papers on intercultural communication, design a business card, and design a magazine cover.

Just typing and reading the last sentence above gave me the willies. I'm already so sleepy all the time. I am eating fruit, drinking plenty of water, bringing in Lean Cuisines, and just trying to be good. I can't afford to get sick like I have in the past. I'm going to try to take it as easy as I can and just get through everything.

Besides school and homework (oh, the homework), I have day one of my high school reunion tomorrow. DJ gets in today and he's bringing me delicious pastries from Au Bon Pain! They don't have that here so I jump around everytime I remember he's bringing me treats. Saturday is day two of the reunion and I found some cute Banana Republic finds just for that. Sunday is a picnic type event up in Golden so I'm taking my niece and DJ. Zaria loved it last year so I'm sure she'll have a ball this time. It's one of those things that are pointless to go to if you don't have a little one with you. Way too cheesy.

So yup, just a little busy. Now it's time to dive into all that homework. Summer is officially over.

**** Doing a search in my iTunes for "sweet" so I can hear "Sweet Things Are Made of These" pulls up a cool little playlist. Sweet Child of Mine, Sweetest Sin, Sweetest Thing I've Known, etc. :)