Long Time!

17 weeks Man, so much has been going on.  I was going to take a pic of my prego belly on the first of every month and then we got hit with snow, plus the sun setting earlier, this all equals a lack of light.  I found a pic that works for December (ignore the mark on the mirror, was grabbing the light and didn't have time to Windex), I have grown exponentially!  Speaking of, the rapid growth caused some pain in my round ligaments.  I didn't know what was going on, just that it felt like I had a ripped muscle across my tummy and I couldn't figure what sprung it on.  I am pretty active and I did just try to put up some artwork in our hallway (fail, it is no longer up).  But it turned out it was just the baby doubling in size and my ligaments were stretching out of control.  I feel much better now but at the time I needed help with everything.

So my theme is pretty much "seize the moment" because I don't know when I will be hit with fatigue, a cramp, etc.  Being pregnant is pretty different than I had imagined, creating a person is a lot of work!  Loving it though, it is an excellent season of our lives.  We've worked on the baby's room, the one room that was red/blue and had holes in the wall.  We patched up and painted when we moved in but the previous owners were dorks so there was blue paint on the ceiling as well.  R tackled that last weekend and now the ceiling is white with a newly installed cloud lamp from IKEA.  So beautiful and peaceful.  We are going to install a dimmer in there as well, starting to come together nicely!

cloud lamp

I can't believe it is Christmas Eve!  We need to run a couple errands out there in the crowds so wish us luck.  Oh and I'm making this Chevron blanket for the baby, been awhile since I knitted so it was frustrating getting started but now I think I'm on the right track.  Isn't it cute?

Also been working on the alphabet project and I have TWO more letters to go. Crazy pants. Here is a sneak peek at one of the illustrations from the book.


Be safe and have a happy holiday and fantastic New Year!