Stare - couple watching changing of the guard - DC

I forgot to mention that the last post was the 300th post. Time is just flying by. My birthday was wonderful and Keystone was a part of it. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am to be loved and love in return. It's amazing. My family, friends, and the wishes here made it even more special. So thank you :)

Today I went back to work and when I came back from lunch I had cupcakes on my desk. The other day I got a free birthday gift mailer from Aveda. If you don't know about the hook up by Aveda, get your name on their mailing list. They let me choose one of their Personal Blends and I chose the body scrub with the vanilla/cinnamon/jasmine scent. So yummy, just what I needed and this isn't a tester, it is a complete product.

Oh yes, and there was one other suprise at work. My friend's grandma is moving and she found these little knitting and crochet books from the 80s. She gave me the books to me and some projects are hilarious. Others I could honestly see myself making like an afghan.

**** I am curious to know which shots you loved the most and why. Every little bit of info I can get will help me take stronger photographs so thanks in advance.

Marilyn - I am LOVING my camera, can you tell?

Chrystal - I'm glad you dug them. I have a few more to post so you'll have to stick around :)