Happy Mama Day

Hmm, where do I start? Well I guess I should start by saying HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the awesome moms out there. I think being a mother is totally different than having a baby and I wanted to say thank you for working at the hardest job there is. You're great! Enjoy your day. As for last week and the weekend, it's a blur. School is coming to a close and I finally got to see my parents after not being able to visit for two weeks. Working on projects kept me from going to church and hanging with my family and friends. When I focus on something I focus completely. So I hung out with my parents for a bit on Friday, ran some errands, and finally bought a Sonicare toothbrush. It. is. the. bomb. Kohls was having a huge sale so I got a really good deal on the toothbrush. I'll be bling blingin' natural style. If you don't have one you should consider it. It was hard waiting 24 hours for it to charge, haha. Also, I learned that the Friday Five has ended so that's sad. I'll admit I slightly saw it coming but ah well. It was fun while it lasted.

Saturday was the MS Walk and here are pictures. Johanna, her three year old daughter Savannah, and I walked the three mile walk. There were so many kids, dogs, and people walking. The turnout was great and instead of searching for a parking space, we were shuttled to the walk on a school bus. It was fun, hot, for a good cause, and we all have medals. Later on Jay and I went out to dinner, had french cuisine, and called it a night.

Today is Sunday and when church was over my parents and I went to a buffet at Fresh Fish Company. So yummy and tons of different kinds of food to choose from. I usually don't go to buffets because the food quality is so poor. But that wasn't the case this time. My only gripe would be people crowding and just having bad manners. It made it frustrating to get what you want.

I ordered a gift for my mom online but it didn't arrive in time so I got her an appetizer gift for today. haha. She loves the Verbena scent from L'Occitane so I bought her a little four votive candle set with holder from that store. Couldn't leave her empty handed on Mother's Day, you know?

Right now I'm trying to come up with bright ideas for my extra credit that's due tomorrow. It's optional but I would be disappointed in myself if I got a lower grade just because I didn't do all of the work possible to get a better grade. So back to the extra credit. *sigh*

Happy Mother's Day again!

P.S. I'm glad you found me cpr! :) hehe at all the different tries. Too cute :)