Summer Bike Ride and Rolls


I am a candle junkie. Illuminations had a crazy sale so now I am surrounded by candles and tealight holders. Life's great ain't it?

On Saturday I went to Berenices, the salon that sells Aveda, and sold five more make up brush rolls. Now I'm all sold out and need to make more for the Harvest fashion event in September. The store has been updated with Ribbon Candy Roll and Polka Dot Party Roll. Later that night miniature golf was played and more butterflies were released in my stomach. Did I mention I got my butt kicked? Just by four strokes though and to celebrate the defeat, a trip to the Cheesecake Factory was in order. The Bistro pasta is delicious.

I went on a bike ride at Cherry Creek reservoir today and updated the photography section with pictures. Days like this make me happy I'm in Colorado. My butt is a little sore and that's all since I stretched.

I fly out to D.C. to relax and visit a friend on Friday so I just need to get through work and I'll be fine. Keeping my eyes on the prize is what I seem to be doing a lot of lately.

**** Aasiya's due to have my little niece/nephew on the 27th and I have a sinking feeling I'm going to miss it. I keep wanting the baby to hurry up and come or come after the 2nd. I don't think this baby understands or cares about what I want but I can't wait to see him/her all the same.