So Much to Smile About

Been away for awhile and it felt good. This weekend I got my Red Robin and Charle and the Chocolate Factory. The whole look and style of the film was wonderful but I didn't like the story as much as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Depp, the Oompas, and the kids got on my nerves. I fell asleep at the end too. lol. So that's my take on it. Can't wait to see the Corpse Bride though!! I feel like the heat has snuffed all my energy. It was 101 degrees yesterday and should be the same today. When you add in work, I'm not a happy camper at all. You can only get cussed and yelled at so much before you go off. I'm starting to change a bit because of it and I don't like it at all. Frustrated fits the best right now.

Yesterday I went to a friend's beauty thing. Kind of like Mary Kay only it was for Arbonne International. I didn't purchase anything but all of the products were interesting and all natural. We passed around items and tested them on our hands. Everything felt decadent and smelled delicious. The host talked about how everything you put on your skin goes to your organs. Then she said that she's done a demonstration before where you put garlic inbetween your big toe and other toe and quickly you will taste the garlic. Isn't that disgusting? I knew everything went to your organs immediately but that is sick. So glad we didn't do that demo.

These are sites I keep going back to lately. The talent is amazing. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Yacin Sparkle Zita the Spacegirl Salamander Dream by Hope Larson - her lines and shapes are nuts!

**** bluecalico (Amy) - the i4000 printer is the bomb for artwork. I printed my cmyk Sport illo and it came out great. nn - not sure what the fabric will turn into. totes maybe? not sure.