Sketch sketch sketch.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice I've been chatting it up about drawing this and sketching that a lot this week. I have decided now is the time to re-work my Alphabet Book Project. About three years ago (wow), I sketched, colored and "completed" an ABC book. Life happened as it usually does, skills changed and that project was reserved for a later date. I've picked it back up and this week so far I have decided on the format, the words and the drawings. Completely new ones mixed in with refined older ones.

Next step is color! Speaking of color, my friend brought a book to work, The Secret Lives of Princesses. Holy. Crap. I love that book, the illustrations by Rebecca Dautremer are so beautiful. She keeps it fresh with her color, texture, perspective, I could go on forever. The book is about all kinds of different unconventional princesses. So after I asked to borrow it for the 5th week in a row, my friend Christy finally gave it to me. She is so sweet and I will cherish this book more than ever now. Check it out, you will get lost in the illustrations. Trust me.

Thanks for the comments about the watercolor leaf painting, Gesture.  I have heard of Spoonflower and I will try making patterns out of my watercolor designs.  Sounds like a fun experiment to me!