Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

Around the time when we were moving in, I received an email from a local salon called Bliss.  They found me on Etsy along with others and were interested in selling some pieces of mine in the boutique area of their salon.  I was excited to hear the news but we weren't moved in yet, surrounded by boxes and home office was not even close to completion. Thankfully they were patient with me and I dropped off some goods today!

I got hit with some crazy cold/flu/madness on Monday and I'm still getting over it.  I wanted to postpone dropping off my work again but decided to just power through and get it done instead.  As a result I learned so much about packaging, branding and presentation.  This was a great experience and I hope my little items are successful and find loving homes.

Fellow doers that create, package and present all by are incredible.

It is not an easy job.