Half a Decade

Fourteen comments? Wow. Thanks you guys. I had a lot of fun with that one. The Knitting Fairy is the coolest :) One of my favorite illustrators is Luc Latulippe and his illustrations had a big influence on my latest one.

On Friday my niece, Zaria, turned five. She was extra adorable and five is a great age for suprises. You can spell words around them without them being the wiser and take them for long rides without many questions while scavenger hunts are being prepared.


I took pictures of her and then we went for a drive so the family could have more time to set up. She searched around for clues and found her golf set from grandma and grandpa, Cheetah Girls cd and Wig Out matching game from me, and a pink bike with white wheels and sparkly irridescent tassels hanging from the handlebars from my brother and sister in law.


Zaria likes to play Go Fish so this Wig Out game grabbed my attention. You match the hairstyles and the illustrations are cute. Should have bought a pack for myself too.


The birthday girl blew out her candles before going to Chuck E. Cheese and wearing herself out with fun.

The rest of the weekend was just fun for me too. I went swimming, ate hamburgers and hot dogs, watched The Incredibles, and spent time with friends.

I wasn't on top of my game with requesting the holiday off so while everyone else is sleeping in and stuffing their faces, I will be at work. Hopefully there won't be a lot of calls from customers because they will all be enjoying their holiday. We'll see.