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Starting to get settled in after about two months of working on the new casa.  Which means the office/loft area is set up and all plugged in.  Yayyyyy! My gorgeous and giving friend Sandra gave me her mega drafting table after another beautiful friend gave me her drafting table when she moved to Korea.  I am a blessed girl, my friends keep showering me with art gifts. Pretty nuts.

I haven't moved in over 10 years so it is taking me awhile to get adjusted to the new space, new chores and new things like gardening.  I think there is going to be a lot of pink in the backyard. I keep getting drawn to peonies, roses, dahlias and more. Need to work on my green thumb more.

Trying to find balance with it all because if there was one thing every home owner we knew told us, it was that the list of "to-dos" never ends.  We are getting into a groove though and loving it. Getting all hyped over a new hose and sprayer, it's crazy. ;)

Now that I'm all connected office-wise, I hope to paint soon and get some art on this neglected blog. I have managed to recently start Couch 2 5K and tomorrow will be Week 2, Day 3.  My sixth run!  Slow and steady wins the race and I think this training is helping.  Baby steps to a 5K.

Oh and these little ladies paid us a visit, Sandra's daughters, so adorable.


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