Crafty Girl

I don't know why I said I was back in Illustration Friday. I was so stumped and frustrated with "digital" that I didn't know what to do. Creativity is an odd thing and it comes and goes in tidal waves. I can't seem to get a lasso around its neck and tame it to do what I want when I want. Not sure if that is ever going to be possible. For now it seems I am focused on knitting and sewing so that's good too. I have grand ideas of sewed appliques and abstract sewing designs. I guess you just go for it because I couldn't find any real explanations in any sewing books.

I couldn't sleep last night so I was up until 5 a.m. knitting the back of Martha. I'm almost done with it but I'm stumped on the directions. I hope it's not too small for me. I completed the gauge and everything which is a big deal being this is only my second sweater. I may even attempt to block and seam it all by myself as well. When I got stumped I just moved right on over to the baby sweater that I'm doing in a bright pumpkin orange. Quality yarn feels great to the touch and knits up beautifully. I had almost forgotten the satisfaction in knitting a wearable garment from scratch. Feels great. Plus, I sold a roll today!! Thank you Robyn :)

Exercising hasn't been a part of my routine for awhile so I started up again. Now I'm working out M W TH by running a mile at a highschool track and then coming home to do an Emergency Workout on ONDemand. Three miles a week ain't half bad. (I run about three laps and walk about one.) The hard part about exercising outside is the inconsistent thunderstorms. Craziness.

I saw Finding Neverland and after seeing that I wanted to write a play! I needed something to push and prod at my imagination and that helped. I can't wait to see Willy Wonka. Johnny Depp is the coolest.

It is going to be very strange going back to work tomorrow after being away for five days. I'll get through it though.

Listening to "Venus as a Boy" by Bjork is a good way to go to sleep. Sweet dreams.