It doesn't look like the funds are available to go to California so I will be here until the D.C. vacation comes along. Thank you for your heartfelt words and thoughts, they mean a lot. I think I'm still going to take some time off this week though.

Despite the news on Friday, this weekend was pretty great. The weather had its ups and downs with crazy rain that wouldn't stop. I had some great chicken parmigiana, watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, ate the most delicious sundae with toasted coconut and got more butterflies. The butterflies just keep on coming.

I've updated the about and dailies page. Now I need to update the store and the art page. I'm making more brown and white rolls for Aveda. If you're interested in rolls, just send me an email. I'm working on updating the store. Promise.

Time for the last season premiere of Six Feet Under.