Mission Statements

I'm going away!! I will be going to visit my friend DJ from July 29 - August 2 in D.C. I can't wait!! I am a little freaked out because airports frighten me. I always feel like I'm going to get stuck there, get on the wrong plane, not get on my plane, etc. This will be my first trip by myself with layovers and I've only flown by myself once before. I want to take everything with me. Camera, Einstein, one suitcase, knitting, and my purse. Still need room to bring stuff back! It will be fun though, I know I'm scaring myself for nothing. So until then, no matter how much crazy shopping I want to do, I am on a tight budget for the next two months. A big thing I want and need to buy is a Mio watch so I can monitor my heart rate while I work out but that might have to be put on hold too.

I have a ton of mini missions, one of them is trying to find a simple gold necklace. Something you can wear everyday with a thin gold chain and simple gold disc. I've seen it on Lucas' mom on One Tree Hill, women in birth control commercials, etc. I can find that type of necklace everywhere except in jewelry stores.

While I've been on my missions, I've found goodies I love or want to try out:

Lipton Green Tea With Honey - this is my favorite tea now and I'm not a big tea drinker so that says a lot. Antioxidants, low sugar and healthy. I can't find the picture but it's the newest version in a glass bottle. This drink is delicious!

Haagen-Daz Light (Smores, Vanilla Bean, Chip Mint, and Dulce De Leche) - this ice cream is so good with half the fat and it doesn't even taste light. I can easily get in trouble with this one.

Frozen Hot Chocolate - I had heard of this dessert when the Serendipity movie came out and I just heard about it again on Oprah. Looks yummy and you can order the packets online and make it at home.

Dove Cool Moisture Body Wash - Cucumber extract and green tea make this wash refreshing. It's making me want to take the 7 day Dove test changing my armpits to underarms. hmm. :) I want to use this night cream too.

I am a mission girl! Thanks for your comments about the photo shoot and my envy piece. I learned new things and had fun with both. Happy Friday!