Home Stretch

While working out the finishing touches on my projects, I keep daydreaming about what I want to do this summer. Here's a peek: knit a pashmina or just buy one get a new eyeshadow hang out, walk, and take pictures go to art galleries make a table out of my alphabet tile assignment (I got a strong A by the way!!) barbeque spend LOTS of time with friends and family eat tons of ice cream watch a ton of summer movies (Spiderman 2, Mean Girls, Troy (yum), Envy, Shrek 2, etc) go on a vacation out of this state swing in a hammock read at least two books paint for fun (oxymoron for me) go hiking, bike riding, and horseback riding try to draw 3 dimensional characters (a bit of a challenge) resist the temptation of going outside for break from work and never coming back ;)

Time for me to get back to the drawing board.

What do you have planned?