I keep hoping today will be the day I get my computer back. Every day I'm wrong. The tech department doesn't work on weekends. I'm going to see if I can get a discount on my backup since this is taking longer than 3-10 business days. NN, I may need your help getting everything communicating on my computer again if it's completely wiped. I'm talking about Dreamweaver connecting to the website and being able to upload pictures/images.

It has been very hot lately which is great. I need more clothes for hot weather though. Over the weekend I went to Flat Irons Mall and bought these cuties. My first wedges and they're pretty cute. Now I'm on the look out for lightweight skirts and more summer shoes.

In August I'm going to my 10 year reunion. There's not going to be a whole lot of reuniting going on because I only got to know about 10-15 people. I moved from California in the middle of highschool so I wasn't trying to make a bunch of friends. Then I graduated. But no regrets so I went to prom and now I'm going to the reunion. Sarah a.k.a. Huny and DJ better be there. That's all I care about at this point.

Since I have no idea when I'll get to spend time on my computer, I went to my yarn store and found a project. I asked the owner again if she had ordered Rebecca and she said she changed her mind. Apparently three customers came in with questions about Rebecca patterns and she couldn't understand them so she doesn't want to buy the magazine. I've never read the patterns because no one sells the magazine out here. The patterns look so cute though. Ah well. My SIL is due to have her baby soon so I'm making Zaria and the baby each a teddy bear from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. The teddy bears are teeny tiny and measure to six inches tall. Baby Cashmerino feels so good!

On May 14, Brandi had her "Shig Dig" which was her 30th birthday celebration. It was so much fun! Brett found a "dancefloor" in the trash, dusted that puppy off and we had our own little dancefloor. I wonder what it was used for before. It was too perfect as a dance platform. So of course the girls were the only ones dancing but it was all right. I got there early and the keg needed to be tapped. I thought I knew what I was doing but I got sprayed with some beer. Thank goodness only about seven people were there at the time. hehe. The party was held outside at one of the galleries on Sante Fe. One of my favorite galleries because the back wall of the backyard is made out of doors. Plus the other wall is cement with a big white rectangle painted on it so you can project movies onto it. Baraka was playing while live music was being played by Brett and other awesome djs. What? You want to see pics? Well here you go. You can play "Where's Waldo" and try to find me. LOL. The best part was when I was freezing because the temp kept dropping but then some really good reggae was playing. Then I look and it was live, one of the guys was singing! So we all got up and starting dancing like we never danced before. It was a great night. When the cake was coming out they played Stevie Wonder's version of Happy Birthday. Tight! I'm jealous ;)

Oh yes, and I haven't called Aveda to see how the rolls are selling. I'm too chicken. Maybe I'll call tomorrow.