Illustration Friday - Transportation

transportation This is my attempt for the theme of Transportation for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.  I missed doing an illustration for Illustration Friday last week.  The recipe illo plus a hectic week didn't leave much room for it.  But this week I had time and this was fun.

I just finished repainting the blue accent wall in my office and I have never loved the color white so much in my life.  Plus it kept me from painting the whole room which was a bonus.  It's nice finding a new love in old things.  This room feels fresh and shiny again, woo hoo!

Now I should have some time to work on watercolor.  I have been a bit obsessed and I have new tubes of paint, a palette and fluffy new brushes.  Charles Reid is an amazing watercolor painter and I have been checking out his dvds and books from the library.  So neat, check him out.