I Won With Three Eyes and Six Legs.

3 eyes 6 legs - chiustream topic I have been getting intense with speed challenges by Bobby Chiu over at Sketchoholic.  These challenges are great exercises every Wednesday where you get a random topic and only have an hour to execute a finished piece.  The topic for this contest was "3 eyes, 6 legs"*.  Since there were server issues, I was able to take my time because they extended the upload time to be 21 hours instead of just one.  But I did get the concept  and all down fairly quickly anyway.  I also participate in Intensity Club streams which are every Friday.

Well today I won contest no. 60!  You win just by participating because your skills grow and you learn tons.  At least I have, so it is a bonus to win an original print by Bobby Chiu.  So excited.

Thank you Bobby, you're the best.

* This illo is now available as a print in my shop!