Instead of playing. I was suprised the other day when I got my nephew a Star Wars book because I found a new Digital Creative Arts magazine for me! It's sweet. Special edition all about illustration. I just keep reading the tutorials over and over and the pages are starting to look like I've actually done something.

I haven't. All thanks to the final project I have for tech comm. I probably should have just chosen a Power Point presentation but instead I had the bright idea of creating a mini website. Crazy crazy girl. So this tutorial presentation is taking forever. As I type this I should be getting back to it.

Thanks for the congrats about the Aveda gig, it should be awesome. Right now everything is in my head except for a few sketches of the pattern and a mini paper make-up roll prototype. It's coming together, I just haven't had time to actually sew anything. I'm shocked that the kind people at Aveda are being so cool about it because it's been about six weeks at this point. I got the job because I showed Sarah (eyebrow guru) my knitting needle cases. If I get the hang of it I'll sell some here. Hope you're interested.

Ok, back to the tutorial. *deep heavy and pathetic sigh* ;)


Picture above is another silly picture of a silly girl. Courtesy of Zaria. Love her to death.